The most important step in refinishing is the stripping process. If the old finishes are not properly and thoroughly removed, the stain will not appear uniform and the new finish may crack.
We will add helpful info and videos as possible to show how two perfectly strip different types of finishes (paint, varnish, lacquer, etc.) off furniture and other items.
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We specialize in all types of wood repair.
In our experience in restoring furniture, pieces made in the 17th; 18th; 19th; 20th and now in the 21st century, we have had to carve, wood turn, fabricate, pieces to properly restore them.
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When we refinish furniture the customer has the opportunity to be involved with the color/stain of the piece by previewing their furniture after the thorough stripping process has been completed. (Usually 2 to 4 working days). The only topcoat we provide over any stain or color, (customer’s choice), is a high quality, high solid finish formulated for high traffic upscale furniture.
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Products for sale

Perfect Strip

furniture perfect-strip

Very fast acting, No harsh odors, Non-flammable, explosion proof.
The perfect remover for stripping all types of finishes.
Preserves the patina (the natural tone of the wood).
Will not weaken glue joints and will not raise the grain.

We know there are a lot of  Paint and Varnish removers you can work with……  ‘PERFECT STRIP ‘ WORKS ALONE.

Stripping Tool

stripping-brush for furniture

Great companion tool to use with perfect strip. Three tools in one.
Nylon bristles for larger carved or ornate areas, grooves on spindles etc. Brass bristles for tight hard to get at areas and scraper for small flat areas.

Stripping Gloves

gloves for stripping furniture

We’ve use these in the shop for many years.
They’re not too tight, and will not stretch out like some other gloves do.
Textured for better grip.

Perfect polish

A great polish and cleaner, used for cleaning and nourishing the wood, especially in those seasons (fall/winter) that have a tendency to leave furniture very dry.

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What Client’s Say

I want to thank you for the wonderful job you did in refinishing our oriental table! It is magnificent! It is the “crown jewel” among our living room furniture pieces. The table received a great deal of attention during the recent holiday season when nearly all our visitors asked where we obtain such beautiful item…
Andrew A., Henry Ford Community College
Thank you for all the advice and tips on how to refinish our kitchen cabinets. It was a big job, but were very happy with how they turned out. Thanks again and God Bless You!
Frank K.
Rob Hickey gave a very informative demonstration on the proper way to strip wood. If you would like one of his brochures, please give me a call at…
Lori Wyatt, Winter Newsletter